You are not buying this theme. This is only a preview for 5 sec Who's Online WordPress plugin. Features shown appear exactly the same in all themes.

My blog has a trillion visits per day, will this plugin slow it down?

Absolutely not! Plugin’s overhead is truly minimum. It does not use any external API calls nor any similar services and only utilizes the info WP and PHP already have about your visitors.
Still not convinced? OK; open the plugin’s PHP file with a text editor and locate this line at the beginning of the file:


By default who’s online gets updated on every page request. If you lower the number to let’s say 50 it will get done on every second request and thus lower the “load” by half. Yes, your stats will be a bit less accurate.

What’s a unique user by your definition?

It’s a unique combination of IP and user-agent string. Or to be more precise and put in code:

$user_uid = md5($_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'] . $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']);

What’s the default timeout setting?

It’s 300 seconds – 5 minutes.
You can easly change it. Open 5sec-whos-online.php and find line 12 which looks like:


Enter a new timeout insted of the noted 300. Remember! The number is in seconds, not minutes.

Plugin is not working – shortcode name conflict

If another plugin is using the [whos-online] shortcode name you have to either disable that plugin or change the shortcode 5sec Who’s Online uses.
Changing the shortcode name is simple. Open 5sec-whos-online.php with a text editor and find the define statement on line 15. Change “whos-online” into something similar, ie: whos-online2. Close the file and re-upload it on the server.

Do parameters/variables in shortcode have to be entered in any particular order?

No, you can define them in any order you like.

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